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Types of Glass: SGG COOL-LITE® ST

SGG COOL-LITE® ST is a solar control glass manufactured by depositing a coating of metallic oxides by magnetically enhanced cathodic sputtering under vacuum conditions onto clear SGG PLANILUX or body tinted glass SGG PARSOL GREEN. The manufacturing process and type of materials with which the glass is coated ensure that this coating offers excellent durability and resistance during handling.
These qualities enable this coated glass to be processed (tempered, laminated, lacquered) while still retaining its aesthetic and technical benefits. SGG COOL-LITE® ST can be used in single or double glazing, with the coating on face 2.



Due to its coating with excellent durability and resistance, SGG COOL-LITE® ST glass is very easy to process and can be stored in normal conditions, according to the recommendations of Saint-Gobain Glass.

The wide range of reflected colors allows the use of SGG COOL-LITE® ST glasses for any type of facades or residences.

The exterior appearance of the facade with SGG COOL-LITE® ST glass is very dynamic offering personality to the building.


By filtering light this glass offers a pleasant environment inside your house or office.

The most important quality of SGG COOL-LITE® ST glass is the very good solar protection. Thus, the solar energy that penetrates the interior is reduced, and you make considerable saving with the costs for air conditioning.


SGG COOL-LITE® ST can be easily combined with other types of glass to offer different functions:

  • Thermal insulation (for example, with SGG PLANTHERM ULTRA N)
  • Acoustic insulation (with SGG STADIP SILENCE)
  • Security (with SGG STADIP or SGG STADIP PROTECT)
  • Self-cleaning (with SGG BIOCLEAN).


LT Light Transmission (380-780nm) SGG COOL-LITE® ST

Transmisia luminoasă TL


ET Energy Transmission SGG COOL-LITE® ST

Transmisia energetică Te





Due to the extremely resistant coating SGG COOL-LITE® ST are glasses easy to process.

They can be:

  • Curved
  • Tempered
  • Laminated
  • Enameled
  • Screen printed


Double glazing units assembling

Double glazing units with SGG COOL-LITE® ST have to be assembled accordingly with the standards in use and the general processing instructions.
SGG COOL-LITE® ST 150 can be used in single or double glazing, with the coating on face 2 and does not require edge-deletion.
The adhesives used for the assembly in double glazed units or for the structural assambly must be compatible with the SGG COOL-LITE® ST deposal.



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Norms and regulations

SGG COOL-LITE® ST glasses meets the requirements of the European standard EN 1096-1 and 1096-2 and are marked CE.

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